My Technology Advisor
Network installation Custom built desktop CCTV installation

Our company’s main focus is working with commercial and residential customers looking for help with their Computer, TV/Home Theater, Networking, or Security needs. At our company the customer’s needs come first, but we will also not do something that we know will not work. Many computer technicians will run in and reconfigure start up items to seemingly speed up a computer when all that really does is put a band aid on the real issue.

Generally consultations and price quotes will be free so that we can get an idea of exactly what our customer wants and needs. Usually we start with a phone consultation and from there we will decide how to advance whether it means giving a price quote or meeting with the customers to see the exact problem or need. We are more than willing to work with customers who purchase their own equipment, or we are more than happy to give educated suggestions based on our customer’s needs.

We have experience in building custom desktops, installing TV’s at many locations, installing alarm systems and CCTV, cabling experience, installing networks, working with satellite, and AV.